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Why the Low Profile on the new Movie?


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During the making of the two Hobbit movies Peter Jackson released 6 production videos, lots pictures and sketches of the characters, costumes etc, hosted a dedicated site.  So why the benign neglect on the new Star Trek movie.  Yes, we fans fret and fuss over purity but Jackson puts up with the same thing from Tolkien purists.  So why the different approach?


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the hobbit movies were totally different.  Fans already knew the plot.  They had to be convinced that the books were being done justice so it made sense to release costumes and such before hand.  Star Trek much of the hype is people not knowing what to expect.  If we know what to expect that would kinda take away from it.  And different directors have different styles

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your points are all good.  still jackson and jj both want their films to sell big - odd how different approaches can be




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Well I don't have seen any of the Hobbits films but I read once one book, so I'm not quiet sure about this relation to Star Trek 2. The sequel is still a reboot, until we see Vulcan again or Prime Spock.


I recall Peter Jackson for Bad Taste or Braindead when he made all the chapters from Lord of the Rings compared to the books I was suprised. It has nothing to do with Star Trek, except it's awesome for JJ being able to make movies & tv-shows at high quality level with a lot of around to watch.


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Moppy - there's no connection between the two films.  I was just contrasting the different approaches of the two different directors toward the marketing of their films and their relationships with their respective fandoms.


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Tbh, I prefer the low-profile. It's good fun to speculate amoungst friends but not knowing what to expect makes the release day even more exciting!

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