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My friend is doing an MA in Television History and for his research project he has chosen to look at what Doctor Who fans expect from DVD releases of their favourite show (in terms of restoration, special editions and so on).  He is especially interested to know how concerned they are about seeing the episodes as 'broadcast', as opposed to a revamped special edition, such as the recent new versions of TOS.

As I am a Trek fan, he has asked me to post on this forum to find out from you, fellow Trek fans, what your views are on Trek DVDs.  What do you expect from Trek DVDs?  What do you think of the special edition TOS DVDs with new effects?  Would you prefer broadcast authenticity - that is episodes that retain the old special effects and so on?

I'm not sure how well I'm getting this across, so what I'll do is paste in below the message my friend posted on a Doctor Who forum.  If you feel like commenting from a Trek fan's perspective after reading it, my friend would be very grateful.

As he states in his message, he would like to be able to quote any responses.  So, if you do not want to be quoted, please say so in your reply.

hello all


I’m doing a research project looking at what Doctor Who fans want from DVDs.

Doctor Who DVDs make an effort to present the episodes as they were transmitted. By this, I don’t mean they reject any clean-up of the image or the like – indeed they embrace this to an exceptional level – but that, in the case of new cuts or special effects, these are generally an additional option rather than a replacement. This seems a contrast to the way Star Trek or Red Dwarf DVDs were released, though I understand Star Trek Blue-Ray Discs are different (and I also understand that the relevance of that comparison is up for considerable debate).

I’m curious about how this reflects the relationship Doctor Who fans have with the programme. Is it important to always have the unadulterated episodes on the DVD? With the option of both, as with say The Dalek Invasion of Earth, which do you watch? Would it be wrong to release only the extended Curse of Fenric?

Connected with this, I was also interested in how people access, if they do, the missing episodes? Is animation seen as the favoured option in the future, or do some people prefer the reconstructions or even just the audio recordings?
I do have some ideas on the above, but am curious to see if they’re shared or if it’s just me. If things go well, I’ll probably be unable to resist sticking my oar in at some later point.

Furthermore, as this is for a research project, I would like to be able to quote anyone who responds in my write-up. Please state in your post if you don’t wish to be quoted.


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