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Are anti gay rights people idiots?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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ur funny

 im the middle east thats what they do.

so im sure their not laughing


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it amazes me how people can have their hearts so black

how they can think they know someone and they have no idea.

I honestly dont understand people some times

I dont prove to people how great I am because I dont need that self gratification.

Everytime I see someone treating anyone, homeless or in a rut I help them out no questions asked

Sometimes, most times I feel like I live in a way the rest of the world has forgotten

Humans are so afraid to die

No one ever celebrates life

I don’t know everything nor do I want too.

Most people are lucky they just dont see it, their too blind looking whats behind them that they dont see whats infront of them

Sure I could cry but I dont anymore, the world is what it is

I dont need someone to defend me Im past that

the other day I was in my friends car and their was this women walking proud with no arms and everyone started to gock at her like she was a freak and pointing; imagin this is the kind of people we are...

she must be so strong, born into a world she can not control for circumstances that were unfair..

im just going to smile it off... their not in my life so they dont even exist to me

Im a boy..

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