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Favorite series in order


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1. TOS

2. TAS (which SHOULD count)

not seen that much of the others but from the few eps i have watched:

3. TNG

4. DS9

5. Voyager

6. Enterprise

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1. The Next generation
2. Voyager

But, I love The Original Series for different reasons to either of them. The original crew is wonderful and the series is nostalgic. So, I'm going to put it in its own special list


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Please keep in mind that I value each of the Star Trek series.  After all, part of what makes this franchise so enjoyable is its variety.  But if I had to rank them according to my preference, this would be my list:

1) In the lead by quite a ways is my beloved Deep Space Nine. For me, this show represents the pinnacle of Star Trek.  Ambitious, beautifully flawed, I can go on and on.  The diverse cast of characters, consistently great stories, impressive production quality, and fully-realized setting all played a part in this show becoming my favorite television series of all time.

2) The Next Generation: The first Star Trek series that I watched from beginning to end. I see TNG as the trial-and-error period from which the brilliant DS9 was forged.  This show successfully set the stage for the events to come on DS9. In fact, TNG is part of what makes DS9 so satisfying and enjoyable.  After the first two seasons, TNG really hit its stride in seasons 3 and 4, and then gradually declined.  Still, I will always have a place in my heart for the crew of the Enterprise-D.

3) The Original Series: A true classic. Still, I think only about half of the episodes were truly worth watching. It's difficult to compare this show to the rest since it was the one that started it all.  I have great respect for the original Star Trek even though I think two of its offspring eventually surpassed it.

4) Enterprise: I respect Enterprise for trying something new. Unlike DS9, however, this show was not blessed with beautifully written and acted characters to make the ambitious storylines worth watching.

5) Voyager: Occasional standout episodes amidst a vast ocean of mediocrity. I think of Voyager as Star Trek's "underachiever."  Don’t get me wrong, this show had some episodes that equaled the best of the other series, but that does not make up for the general lack of consistency.


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1.& 2. TNG and TOS (tie cause I like the characters best)

3. VOY (liked most episodes, especially with Seven of Nine)

4. DS9 (almost a tie, but I like Borg so VOY got 3rd)

5. ENT (didn't like it much except for certain episodes)

6. TAS (saw an episode, thought it too silly)


I know you said series, but my movies in order would be:

Star Trek IV Voyage Home

Star Trek 2009

Star Trek First Contact

Star Trek V Final Frontier

Star Trek II Wrath of Khan

Star Trek Nemesis

Star Trek VI Undiscovered Country

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek (I) the Motion Picture

Star Trek III Search for Spock

Star Trek Insurrection

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1   Enterprise

2   Voyager

3    TOS

4   TNG

5   DS9


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1. TOS

2. TOS

3. TOS

4. TAS (too bad, it counts)

5. DS9

6. TNG (only certain episodes because I became bored with the show, none of the movies)

7. Voy & Ent are tied, only because I didn't waste time watching them.


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7. Voy & Ent are tied, only because I didn't waste time watching them.


If you didn't watch them, how do you know they're a waste of time?

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1.  TNG

2.  Voyager

3.  TOS

4.  Enterprise



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1) TNG
2) VOY
3) DS9
4) ENT
5) TOS
6) TAS (I'm counting it anyway, just because I can.)


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1. Voyager

2. DS9

3. TNG

4. TOS

5. Enterprise - I was not a huge fan of Enterprise.


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Dont care what you say, Im including TAS. First because it IS a legit ST series(But I'll included it as a 4th season of TOS) and second, just because I bristle at the idea of you saying I can't.






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1 - DS9

2 - TNG

3 - Voyager

4 - Enterprise

5 - TOS


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1.  TNG

2.  TOS

3.  Voyager

4.  DS9



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1. Enterprise

2. The Next Generation

3. The Original Series (some of the plots were really cheesy)

And I haven't seen the others, because you can't watch them for free in the US

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