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Hope in the Darkness...


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Hope in the Darkness




The Breen, the Borg and Species 8472 have all returned...will the UFP survive this???




The Dominion War has been over for quite sometime now and the Federation and Starfleet have been rebuilding rapidly and expanding their influence back into the void. The newest Nebula-class starship to roll out of McKinley Station is the USS Avalon. She has undergone massive refits to aid her in her mission: to protect the Federation from the Borg at all costs. She is armed to the teeth and has the TIC formerly exclusive to the Akira-class. The USS Avalon is sitting in drydock at McKinley Station awaiting her crew to accompany her on her journey. Avalon has been assigned to deep space out past the Delta Quadrant boundaries to keep an eye out for Borg-related activities.




I am Commander Jan Arrah, Commanding Officer of the Avalon and I invite you to take a look around my ship and join, if you feel so inclined. All senior and junior officer positions are available so take a look and if you don't find the position you desire simply email me and I will add it. The USS Avalon will be a character-driven ship with ample opportunity to develop your character. So have a look-see around, if you will. We are looking forward to hearing from and writing with you.






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despite a change of command, the Avalon is still up and running.

Senior staff positions in Flight Control, Strategic Operations, Operations, Communications, Science, Intelligence, Diplomatic Detatchment, and Civillian Affairs.

All assistant chief positions are open, as well as second officer.

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