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Who is the toughest character from any series? (Besides Q)


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All of you people saying Worf are probably right.  In regard to primary Trek characters, Worf probably was the "toughest."

My only complaint with Worf was his repressed nature.  It really took away from the image of being "tough."

Martok, on the other hand, revelled in his abilities; he was a Klingon with swagger!  But yeah, he couldn't handle the punishments Worf was able to endure in the Dominion prison facility.  Also, Worf was the one who took down Gowron, not Martok.


And as much as I love Captain Kirk...  Captain Sisko was clearly the toughest human in the Trek franchise.

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I gotta go with the Sisko. Seriously, he's Bajorian Jesus, a badass and a dad all in one. He decked Q to the ground. How much more badass can you get than that?


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Quote: Pooneil @ Apr. 27 2012, 4:00 pm


>I would vote for Picard as the franchise's Hidden Badass or Badass Bookworm. He's no slouch in a fight. Just watch "Starship Mine" and check out his crossbow.


As for Picard... that episode really struck me as more Home Alone like than Die Hard as it's often credited with. Clever tricks and manuvers, less taunting and fighting. Really the only physical fight he gets in, is with the terrorist chick and even that one was close.


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Yes, Picard was wicked with the crossbow, nobody can dispute that. And Janeway did show incredible fortitude in her trials in the Delta Quadrant. But I think Worf stands out even in a crowd of other galactic heroes like the kind you find in Starfleet.

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