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Who is the toughest character from any series? (Besides Q)


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In my opinion it has to be... hands down... Janeway

I dont know why... Not my favorite series or character by any means.. 

Any time I question Janeway I watch "Eng Game" or any countless BORG / 8472 ass kickings.

From the Delta Quadrant back to Sector 001 with the smallest vessel from any show... half crew Starfleet, half crew Maquis, throw in a Borg, a couple species never encounter, and a hologrphic ship Doctor.

She kicked a$$

Not to mention changing the course of events forever for an entire Quarter of the Galaxy.

Who do you guy think is Star Treks "All-Time Hard as Coffin Nail Bada$$"?



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Absolutely!  Martok was a total badass.

But like you, my first thought was The Sisko. 

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Ooh, it's such a hard decision. Gowron's stare was enough to make you tremble in your boots, but that was probably because his eyes were so huge. The same menacing nature could be said for any Klingon, so they're sort of knocked out of the competition in my mind. Species 8472 is scary, but that's really only because we don't know that much about them. Sisko is pretty cool, but I really don't feel like i can nominate him. I'm thinking Tom Paris. He's awesome! 


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>Tom was a player from the wrong side of the tracks, but toughest? i still say Martok, but Worf was literally unbreakable. 

>if no klingons count then the sisko, he went through so much; people often forget that; Wolf-359 etc.; then there is also Tasha; Data kept taking philosophical beatings, The EMH too; Kess seemed oddly tough; janeway was a hardass etc. 

>the antithesis of tough comes to Mind; Picard, Tuvok and Neelix top my list of the least "tough" ... don't take this the wrong way though; i am not calling them weak; just well ... not tough.  If that makes sense? 


I agree.

Still no one has mention the Hirogens... those guys woke up every morning just looking for people "harder" than them just to fight them. The episode where they were doing WWII in the holodeck... and the Hirogens were Nazis.. LOL

Sisco was tough, he beat the dominion. However, Janeway beat: Borg, 8472, Kazon, Hirogen... and remember episode "Year Of Hell"

 I always vote Janeway as toughest captain. all alone in the Delta Quadrant with a thrown together crew and a new class of vessel...


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>Janeway badass?


I could re-type the post


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Up to date I have only seen the first two series, so I have to pick from there. With my choices, I'd pick Picard. He's a no-nonsense, marble-faced kind of guy. A real Captain.


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Spock is tough because he is stronger in physical strength than crew members in Star Trek:TOS.

For example, when Spock and Kirk were on a bus there was this punk rocker who was playing his music loud and Spock pinched him in the neck that the guy fainted 

Bravo Mr.Spock!! *applauds*

randy kerr

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the borg.

i love all star trek shows and movies.


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Does Q's son count


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Klingons were the toughest--like Worf and Martok--and the Cardassians were no slouches.

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Quote: dytnohglghr @ Apr. 25 2012, 10:06 pm

>From the Delta Quadrant back to Sector 001 with the smallest vessel from any show.

Sorry, but you are in error.

But both of Kirks enterprise's were smaller then Voyager, Archers NX-Enterprise was also smaller and Siskos USS Defient smaller.



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physically Data was superior even to the Klingons


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I would vote for Picard as the franchise's Hidden Badass or Badass Bookworm. He's no slouch in a fight. Just watch "Starship Mine" and check out his crossbow.


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Either Janeway or Worf... Its soo hard to choose!! Although the Hierarchy probably thought the Doctor was pretty tough in "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"!!


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Worf, in the Dominion war and as a POW, he took incredible punishent, on Enterprise he recovered from being paralyzed, and beat several gun slinging androids in "Fist full of Datas", among other notable accomplishments. Stovokor awaits, song of Moag. 

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