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Which Audiobooks to look for?


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I've got a road trip coming up.  Are there any good Star Trek books on audio?  And if so, have you seen them at Cracker Barrell?

I also wouldn't be averse to downloading something, but I don't think we've wired the mini-van to play from our iPods.

Please recommend your favorite Star Trek book that is also available on audiobook.

Thanks very much!!!  

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Your best places to look are either iTunes or

I have a few audiobooks from itunes. My top five are (in this order):


The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh part 1
The Klingon Way
Legends of the Ferengi
The Fall of Terok Nor

That's based on the person reading them as well as the writing quality. But a simple search on either of the above sites for "Star Trek" ought to turn up a few good results. I quite like Fallen Heroes which is also available on audio -- although of course I didn't get it because I already have the paperback.

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Thanks very much.  I wonder if any of those are on CD.  If only I had time to get the van set up.

The "reader" makes a huge difference, I agree!

Well, I will look for these at the Cracker Barrell.  Wish me luck.

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Have to agree that Audible is probably the best place to get them....also if you have a newer Kindle some books have the  feature that allows you to listen to them.

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