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Your first Star Trek movie of which you owned a copy.


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Mine was First Contact, which I happened to tape off the telly one night in I think '99 or so. My dad watched it with me but he kept asking "Where's the lady with the big boobs?" I had to tell him that she was on Voyager, with a completely different cast.

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Sounds like your dad is a man who gets the essence of the Star Trek franchise!

My first copy of a Trek movie was a TV broadcast of "Star Trek- The Motion Picture" with the extended footage. I remember my parents letting me stay up to watch it (it was a 3-hour ABC broadcast) and I paused the VCR every time a commercial came on so I could have a clean copy. Fun times.

The first movie I owned as a real copy was "Star Trek III- The Search for Spock" I believe. My uncle bought it for me for Christmas one year.


I still have both VHS cassettes somewhere in a box. Sentimental value!



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The first movie I owned was Star Trek 2009.

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