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why did voyager go off the air?


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Oh yes...some of the best video games EVER came out of that studio, and they weren't even star wars related.


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Quote: voyagersborg47 @ Apr. 24 2012, 10:22 am


>Apparently the Star Trek executives only wanted each of the series to go 7 years. Besides, even though Voyager was awesome and could have gone longer, it was time for it to end. They knew from the beginning that it would only last 7 years. That's probably the same case with TNG and DS9.



They weren't sure how far TNG would go. There was actually talk of an 8th Season for TNG, but they decided against it because Voyager was going into it's 1st season, and DS9 was starting it's 3rd season, and they didn't want 3 series all airing at the same time. Plus they wanted to do a TNG film. But I'm fairly certain DS9 and Voyager were both planned for 7 seasons each. I know for sure Enterprise was intended to have 7 seasons, but it only made it for 4 seasons.

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...You and every other Warsie out there knows that StarWars is a Ripoff of Star trek.....

Actually Star Wars is far more influenced by Lord of the Rings, Mid-20th century pulp space-opera, Flash Gordon, and Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces.

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