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USS Iowa


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Hello to everyone!


I'm stopping by to talk about a simm concept I've set-up over the last few days. It's a cross-over between the Star Trek and Mass Effect franchises, two sci-fi universes I quite like. The idea is to tell the story of the USS Iowa as it becomes the first Starfleet ship to explore the Mass Relays and travel to the Citadel. Both franchises exist together in our 'imagining' of it. Set in 2258 (New movie era and over 70 years after the Mass Effect series) some changes have been made to 'canon' for both to allow us to experience each universe at their most accessible...


-- The stardate is 2258.63...

Three short weeks after the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie, the USS Iowa is a Kelvin-type starship with an older but still familiar NPC Commanding Officer. The ship, a modern Starfleet explorer, is preparing to venture through the Arcturus Relay and into the universe of Mass Effect...


Ready, taking on provisions and crew - the Iowa needs, and is looking to cast, some critical senior positions. I'm hoping to fill two of these three: First Officer, Chief of the Boat and Second Officer roles, who in addition to Command will have secondary positions as a Department Head (excepting Chief). These Command roles will come with the responsibility of being a Game Manager, and you will join me in thinking up and running missions; looking after other players, the pace of the story and the look of the site. If you are interested in the concept, want to get involved from the very start, and have a say in the future then check out the site today. Joining as First Officer, Second Officer or the Chief of the Boat will drop you right into the creative process... getting the lay of the land, and fusing both worlds together so that when the Simm begins everyone is ready to have the most fun, and least trouble with it.


-- Available positions...

Chief Engineer

Chief Medical Officer

Security Officer (Chief is highest ranking)

Tactical Officer (Chief is highest ranking)

Communications Officer (Chief is highest ranking)


These are senior officer positions, taking them up will make you a Department Head and while more positions will be opened in the future (Ambassador for one) the list gives you an idea of what's open now (everything ). 


-- Interested?

Read the FAQ, Sim blurb and starting Codex entries


The site is still being worked on, but enough is up hopefully to give you an idea of whether this is something you are interested in! I hope you poke around, drop a message, and sign up if you like it. Thanks!


USS Iowa - Citadel Task Force

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