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U.S.S. Voyager and Enterprise-D in a Fight


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Not only the ships involved but the Crews, also

Another Situation, the U.S.S. Voyager Vs. the Defiant from DS9, the Defiant was a Warship and more Manuverable, Defiant would win,  

3.   The  Enterprise-D vs the Defiant


4.  The Enterprise-D could NEVER navigate in the Badlands near DS9 like in the Voyager episode "Caretaker" Enterprise-D couldn't even enter the Badlands, but If it was hurled 70,000 light years across the Galaxy like the Voyager was, would it even Survive, or would it be Destroyed


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Between Voyager and the Enterprise-D, I'd vote Voyager. Smarts usually beats brawn.

Voyager seemed to be pretty maneuverable and well-armed, so I don't know how they would do against Defiant. I seem to recall Defiant getting its butt kicked by a refit Excelsior as well.

Defiant would beat Enterprise-D any day of the week.

I think the Enterprise-D would survive an unplanned trip to the Delta Quadrant.

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if voyager has the enhancements that janeway gave them in the finale, im pretty sure voyager could take down any ship that stood in its way



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Enterprise D was bigger, but Voyager had at least some tech improvements.  Going by the crews, I would say Enterprise D as Riker is the best tactician.


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I'm going to have to go with Enterprise-D on this. Voyager may be a tough ship but Enterprise is better equipped and has a better crew.




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if we are talking just the ships, I say Voyager............but crews I give to the D.



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Ridiculous. They would never fight each other, not willingly. But it would be interesting to see the outcome of a war game between Voyager and Enterprise-D. Like in that one episode of TNG...

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Quote: stovokor2000-A @ Apr. 21 2012, 7:38 pm


>if we are talking just the ships, I say Voyager............but crews I give to the D.


I agree completely.  Voyager had the newest technology, but Enterprise-D had the best, most-experienced crew.  Plus, Voyager had the Maquis element on board, so I wonder if--given sufficient stress--their differences might have distracted the crew in a crucial moment.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>1) Enterprise-D was still the flag ship of the federation.  They could do an emergency saucer seperation and attack them from 2 points if necessary.

Being the flag ship is irrelevent.The Enterprise D was almost 10 years older then Voyager.Saucer seperation might be an option, but it will oinly help if Voyager doesnt enter warp.And its quite possible that Voyager canseperate its saucer section as well.

2) The Defiant from DS9 I would say could defeat voyager because of its ablative armor, manuverability, and rapid fire.  We saw the Defiant take on a starfleet ship in episode "Paradise Lost" and win.  I think the battle between Voyager and the Defiant would look something like that. 


3) I'm guessing The Defiant would probably defeat the Enterprise-D based on how the Enterprise-D did against 3 bird of prey in episode "Yesterdays Enterprise" in comparison with how the Defiant did against bird of prey in episode "Way of the Warrior".  Maybe Enterprise-D would win if it got a lucky shot in that made the Defiant less manuverable though.

Poor comparison.Who knows how ships from a different universe/timeline compair to that of the prime universe.Also, I believe those Birds of prey were of a larger class.

yes, there are different sizes of BOP's




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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Quote: /view_profile/ @

>Saying it is irrelevant is irrelevant.  Being labled the strongest ship in the federation doesn't hurt.  Why would Voyager enter warp anyway?  Enterprise wins if Voyager needs to retreat like that.  Enterprise-D is a lot bigger with a much larger crew compliment.  Voyager would have more work to do if they wanted to disable the Enterprise-D.

Saying its irelevent is a fact.It was the strongest ship in the fleet............10 years earlier.Entering warp is a stasnderd battle tactic, gets you awasy from the enmy for a sec or 2.Its not a retreat.


If anything, using the Enterprise-D battleship in "Yesterday's Enterprise" is an upper estimate of the Enterprise-D's abilities in the prime universe since it was more designed for combat in the state of war they were in. 

your point being??It was still a poor comparison.


The Defiant was built to defeat the Borg.  The Enterprise-D could not defeat the Borg in head-to-head firepower. 

The Defiant was built to defeat the Borg............and failed to do so.So, whats your point??

And why are you now talking up the defient??It wasnt really part of my reply.




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More Weapons And Larger Size Give The Edge To Enterprise-D. I Would Like To See How An Intrepid-Class Vessel Handles An Attack By A Squadron Of Cylon (Original)Raiders.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>Here's the point:

>Enterprise-D in prime timeline < Enterprise-D in "yesterday's enterprise"

>Enterprise-D in "yesterday's enterprise" < Defiant in "way of the warrior"


>Enterprise-D in prime timeline < Defiant in "way of the warrior"

>I was being generous by using "yesterday's enterprise" as a model.

and again I ask... whats your point??It was still a poor comparison.

theres just no way you can logically argue that the Prime Defient could have beated the Yesterdays Enterprise D because we just didnt see enough of that ships capabilities.

It was designed to be superior than the Enterprise-D was against the Borg. They wouldn't design a ship to be inferior than the Enterprise-D was against the Borg... would they? 

that issue was never in debate.So why bring it up?


The Defiant may not have been at optimal condition in First Contact either since it happened around the time Eddington wiped its memory core. 


Eddington used his virus on 50485.2, The Defient faught the Borg on 50893.5.

Based on whats known about the stardate system, 3 to 5 months bassed between those events.O'Brien wouldnt have taken that long to fix the ship

The Cube did sustain heavy damage to its hull and was in a destroyable state.  That may not have happened if the Defiant were not there. 


Plus the Defiant was about to ram the cube, we never got to see the result of the damage if it had done that.

theres no reason to assume it really would have done much

I'm not seeing any significant size differences here. 

I am.Even Memory alpha notes that "the K'Vort-class was referred to as a battle cruiser, and was larger than its "prime universe" counterpart."

Prime universe BOP were called scout class ships.

Star Trek scaling's are not very reliable anyway since they use actual models and film the ships to make the visuals in such a way where it looks best to the audiance rather than focusing on keeping the relative sizes of the ships to scale.

this is quite true

Was it your intention to actually pick a side or just critizing the comparison?

 I wouldnt call it "critizing", but I was just pointing out that useing an example from an alternate universe/timeline just doesnt help your argumernt.




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Quote: Fleet Admiral Braxton @ May. 09 2012, 5:07 pm


>More Weapons And Larger Size Give The Edge To Enterprise-D. I Would Like To See How An Intrepid-Class Vessel Handles An Attack By A Squadron Of Cylon (Original)Raiders.

I do not believe the D had more weapons.



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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>na the comparison is pretty effective.

sorry, but thats just noyt the case.

Both the Enterprise D and the K/vort class BOP's from the "yesterdays" time line were the product of close to 20 years of heavy warfare.Its equally possible that ships from such an era could be far more advanced due to what has been learned in war, or far more primitive due to lack of resources,matrials and lives loss.

Sorry, but the comparison is quite poor.

Just another argument showing why the Defiant would win obvously.

That was never in Debate.But for the record, that can only be said about the prime D.

and nope. The stardate in First Contact is most likely wrong.

or, the dates used on DS9 are wrong.........but that can swing both ways

Sisko mentions the Borg attack in episode "in purgatory shadow" which falls between the stardates of 50485.2 and 50564.2.  Making First Contact actually before this episode.

Dude, even if, OBrien said it would take him 2 weeks to fix the ship.Even useing the dates you used, 5 weeks passed between the virus attack and the Borg fight.

I say again, OBrien would have had the ship fully fixed by then.

Some people believe that picard meant to say stardate 50493.5 instead of 50893.5.  That would put the defiant in a state where it was still recovering from its memory core being wiped.

Not likely.that would place the Borg attack only 3 days after the virus was used.

It took a full day to get the ship towed back to the station, and about an other 2 days for the rest of the events in that episode.So, unless your suggesting it happen on the same day.........

no assumptions made.  I said "may not have happened".

thats still an assumption

no reason to assume it couldn't have either.  That's the point.  Ram attacks have been used plenty of times to defeat stronger opponents in trek.

true enough

Not me.  They're probably both K'vort class. The differences in sizes isn't important.

Sorry, but it may very well be.  

One can tell that the Defiant is better in battle when comparing "Yesterday's Enterprise" (or any battle scene in TNG for that matter) against "Way of the Warrior".

again, commparing ships from differernt timelines isint logical.We dont know enough about those ships.

It helps enough. 

It doesnt help at all.Your argument is soley based on your preceptions of what you viewed and not on any solid evidence.

We cant rely on how that or any battle "LOOKED" because how anything looks is open to intertpertation and limited to special effects capabilities of the production staff and budget.

Based on your logic, how things "LOOKED", JJ's Enterprise must be ther most advsanced ship because of howw fast its weapons fired.

Sorry, but that just doesnt fly.

Maybe ther klingon ships in yesterdays unikverse have sheilds 1000 times better then those of the prime universer, maybe they are 50% weaker.We dont know, we cant say.

Your comparison fails due to the lack of empirically acquired information

The battle in episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" was an upper estimate of the Enterprise-D's capabilities in the prime timeline. 

 In your opinion, but its not based on asny solid facts because we cant say for sure that yesterdays Enterprise D was any better in a fight.






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I'm not sure how this is even an argument.

The Galaxy-class starship is the mainstay of Starfleet. It is bigger (higher level of structural integrity), more powerful (more power to draw upon for weapons, structural integrity fields and shields) and has the ability to seperate and allow the stardrive section to act as a dedicated battleship. It's a simple matter of resources and endurance...and the Galaxy-class starship has them in significant quantities over the Intrepid-class...regardless of which series (TNG or VOY) you are more loyal to.

The Interpid-class starship is pretty much a light cruiser / escort. Is it tough? Yes. Is it maneuverable? Yes, I suppose so (though I'm not sure how that is helpful in a 1-on-1 battle in open space where weapons locks are absolute). But Voyager would be underpowered, outmanned, and out-crewed.

The arguments about Voyager containing "more updated technology" are a bit of a stretch. Are we trying to say that Starfleet doesn't upgrade it's starships and outfit them with tech upgrades...?


Now the Enterprise D vs. the Defiant...that could be a very different story. The Defiant is a ship designed for battle, and is a very different type of vessle than either the Enterprise or the Voyager. I might give the edge to the Defiant there...

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