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Humanoid Life, Universe Wide

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I can understand the general shape as there is a functionality to it, but they are too similar in most sci fi venues.  Star Wars at least has a wide range of looks and heights.  There are species of very short stature like Jawas and very tall like Wookiees.  Babylon 5 did a pretty good job with several of the races in not limiting the differences between species to just a few square inches on the forehead and had at least 2 insectoid species.  Star Trek tends to just go with some lumpy forehead variation in most cases for new species.  Even when there is some mention of a species preferring a different temperature range, there is very little if any attention paid to it.  The Cardassians like it hotter thatn Humans do, but did a Human ever sweat while on a Cardassian ship or their homeworld?  Andorians come from a very cold place, but Archer & T'Pol seemed comfortable when they were on Shran's ship.  Yes, I do realize that the Andorians lived underground to take advantage of geothermal energy, but Shran seemed to enjoy the cold air when he & Archer went looking for the Aenar so it seems likely that they would have their cities that much warmer.


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I've been reading Allen Steele's interessting series about Coyote in 47 Ursae Majoris.  ON that planet, the native species--including some primitive hominids--tend to have catfish-like whiskers on them.  I thought that was an interesting twist on planets' individual "preferences" for lifeforms.

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