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What's your favorite Star Trek Uniform?


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Hi guys,

I am Adam Wong, I came from

Don't get me wrong, i don't want to sell anything here.

Here is the thing:

We are going to made some new Star Trek uniforms recently, but we are not sure who's uniform we should made.

So i came here to look for helps from you Star Trek fans, please tell me what's your favorite uniform or what uniform you want us to make.

You can also leave message on our facebook page:

Your opinion would be appreciated, Thank you !





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My favorite uniform has always been STII:TWOK...followed very closely by the First Contact/DS9 uniforms (Gray shoulders with red undershirt).  Good luck!


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TOS, though they ought to have had special landing-party kit

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TNG and VOY because you keep on seeing more cothes that look like it. I ben seeing more and more north face jackets with black shoulders and red body or the other way around.

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1st Place; SF Unis From 'Wrath Of Khan'. 2nd; Grey/Black Jackets,Colored Turtlenecks DS9/FC/Insurrection/Nemesis. Worst: (tie) STMP And 1st Season Of TNG.


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Kirk's Admiral's Uniform from TMP

Other faves include: TWoK Uniforms, TOS, TNG (S3 - S7) and Kirk's vest in GEN


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MACO uniforms from Enterprise, they had the coolest stuff. Also, the Klingon battle armour is always a favorite. And the uniforms of the Mirror Universe, very cool.

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I enjoyed these: 

randy kerr

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kirk,s from startrek gen.


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This is the look I think you want:

A picture of Jean-Luc Picard from Insurrection.

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Definitely the classic Sixties outfits. None of the others have come close, even though they may have fit better and not ripped quite so easily.

Definitely not the movie-era marching band uniforms, or the Voyager boiler suits, or the chimney-sweep ensembles from First Contact. Or, for that matter, the catering staff costumes masquerading as dress uniforms from Insurrection.

If it was good enough for Kirk and Spock, it should be good enough for everyone else.


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I like the Voyager uniforms, personaly, followed closely by the First Contact uniforms. I like the jacket.

Actually if you want to be really creative, do this one:

"Borg. Sounds Swedish."


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I have always been a fan of the Star Trek 2-6 Uniforms.

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I like Season 1 of TNG


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The only decent uniforms other than TOS have been the TNG 3 through 7 uniforms.

I can't stand the jumpsuits from DS9/VOY/ENT or the incredibly uncomfortable looking uniforms from First Contact and the later DS90 episodes.

I know everyone loves the Star Trek II through Star Trek VI uniforms, but I have to wonder how it would be possible to wear a turtleneck and a jacket all the time.  Wouldn't the crew be incredibly warm?

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