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Does everyone still hate the Jews in the 24th century - Picard's Era


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Quote: eutychus @ May. 20 2012, 2:15 pm


>No chapels? There was one in Balance of Terror. Remember the ill-fated wedding?

>There must have been some awareness of  religious thought in TOS time as reference was made to the laws of nature and nature's God in convincing the ultimate computer that it had done wrong in killing people on the opposite ship during war games. The appeal was made through one of the ten commandments, thou shalt not kill, not some situational societal construct.


I thought the Ten Commandments were "situational societal constructs". After all, society is perfectly happy to let people kill each other in certain situations. (Either that, or it was a movie with Charlton Heston).


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Maybe they forget cause half the people who do Star Trek are Jewish. i mean really?


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