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What's with all rebelions?


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Soon watched mirror mirror and ask why somany rebals against terran empire and why's the empire going too fail after x years? Rumulans, klingons,cardassians all have empire's so why they arnt gonna fail logicly but terrans will?


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Because HUMANS are mean.

Bad bad humans.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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Allow me to frame this by saying that the Mirror Universe was never really meant to be taken seriously. (it seems)

That said,

If, historically speaking, the only possible agent for political change that you have seen in a hundred years is to rebel -- that's essentially what people are going to fall back on when their lives suck that much.

And also the Empire and the Alliance both do nasty things to kittens and tribbles. And that's mean.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?

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