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Star Trek Online vs Star Wars The Old Republic


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I have played both games, both are RPG but I find Star Trek Online more enjoyable the space battle are awesome, the ground fighting is more dynamic, in Star Wars the battle are boring I just have to hit 2 buttons and apply widgets.

In Star Wars TOR I like the colors, it has more contrast that Star Trek Online at least on my PC.

I also like the outfit in Star Wars TOR, the way you can change it in the game, you don't need to go at a tailor. And the fact that you can play in underwear, this should be added in STO because we fight with aliens and they are all mean.

Star Wars TOR characters creation sucks, I build a bunch of heroes and all of them looked the same except the haircut in STO I can customize every thing on the character but we need more clothes and a maybe a bounce mode.

I know that there will be many improvements in STO but it really needs swim suits on Risa and more buildings a club where we can party like in DS9.

Keeping all of this in mind I need better contrast, the STO game needs some swimsuits and the AI needs to stop shooting from behind the corners.

And please don't make a game like Lego Star Wars, the games are unplayable. But you can make little Lego figures and toys from bricks.


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I've played both.

I don't think they really compare well to eachother.

I've closed my SW:TOR subscription after getting multiple characters to 50.  It's set up as a clone of WoW in Star Wars clothing.  They did a good job.  It's a good game if you like that sort of thing.  I closed my sub essentially for the same reason I closed by WoW sub (which I had for a long time): I got tired of the formula.

I have a lifetime sub for STO (or did before Free-to-play).  In hindsight I honestly don't think I would have got it knowing all I know now about the game... but that said I have no complaint either.  I DO like that I can log in whenever and I don't feel like I am wasiting a subscription if I don't.  I love the design of the ships (crew members and the way they implimented rerouting power is ingenious!).  Space battles are done well but a bit repetitive (not unexpected with a MMO though).  What I mean by this is you have a designed optimal tactic and deviating from using it doesn't usually turn out well... so there is no real analysis of enemies and then adapting mid-battle.

Travel between assignment destinations is largely ignored in STO and should not be.  How many TNG episodes do you recall where it starts out with the captain's log stating that they're in route to such and such place, but they've stopped to check out some anomaly?  I tried to do this in game to see if it would be fun, but you quickly grow tired of it because you get no benefit for it and the there is no variation in larger map (meaning an interesting anomaly to investigate does not appear any place you'd not expect it).  You do alot of traveling... which is realistic probably, but they'd do well to have randomness creep in on your adventure.

I think the ground missions and combat are severely lacking.  The graphics are OK, but the motions and controls I can only describe as clunky.  I can see what they're trying to do but it feels incomplete.

It would be awesome if they could somehow take all the story-filled ground missions and control from SWTOR and put it into STO.  Controlling more than one person is designed so much better in SWTOR and the voice over conversations are done well.  I understand that's beyond the scope of what STO was aiming for.. but it seems like it would work so well.  SWTOR really kind of skips space combat... in the sense that STO does it.  In SWTOR it's a mini-game.  Traveling is all jumping to light-speed and you arrive where you asked for.  If you want to do a space combat, you jump to a designated mission then play a mini-game.  It's pretty underwhelming in that regard.

randy kerr

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i have played startrek conquest on my ps2 and i beat the game in 2 weeks.

i love all star trek shows and movies.

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