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Section 7


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This is a play by fourm star trek RPG, That takes place in the year 2409. We are currently looking for all people who simply wanting to have fun. The main place that section 7 is located on is Talox III an M class planet. The planet is far from federation space, and the hope of the federation is that the plabet will be used to spread out there area of space.


The first mission will begin once we have reached 4 more player. In this mission we must break ground on the coloney. While at the same time begin growing food, and introducesing new animals to be able to have wild game for hunting. Along with keeping all the natural people of the planet from going to war with each other and starfleet.

If you are looking for a place were you can post as a person, from a movie and series that you love to watch. Without all of the annoying ruels that may stop some of us weaker simmers then this is the place for you. We do not judge anyone, and we encourage people to be diffrent and thingk of new ways that the site can better it self.


We would love for you to join us over at Section 7, were all simmers are created equal.


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We have just added a star trek theme skin I think all will enjoy while posting.

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