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What does your nickname mean (on this website) and why did you choose it?


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I originally started with just "Wishfire," which is the title of my favorite album by the Cruxshadows (which is my favorite band). This was when we could change our usernames at will, so I started changing my name on a regular basis. Each incarnation always had "Wishfire" in it. So I had names such as "I_am_the_Wishfire" (a direct lyrical quote), "Wishfire_Rocks_Your_World," and even ridiculously long names such as "Wishfire_Wielder_of_the_Sword_of_Kahless." Then I changed it to what it is now (the "Invader" part is a reference to Invader Zim), and that's when the decision was made to remove our username-changing privileges.


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Seems like there was a thread about this ages ago.... but with all the new people here....

My nickname is Bam-Bam.  I'm tall and blonde and very athletic.  I received this nickname three different times in my life in three different states for playing three different sports.  (And the 2nd and 3rd time I was given that nickname, none of the people knew I had been given that same nickname before.)

After the third time, I just accepted it.


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Mine is from the bible Esther and Joy is my moms middle name


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When I was 5 years old I was joining a site(club penguin). My older sister was helping me so she came up with it. I kept on using the same name so if I ever get famouse people would believe im me and not some wired copy cat.

want a hug

kirk is my favorite

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kirk is my favorite because i love captain james t kirk

When I grow up I want to join Starfleet.

randy kerr

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i use the name dr. fate

i love all star trek shows and movies.

the bungalo bill

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Quote: OtakuJo @ Apr. 15 2012, 9:16 pm


>^ I honestly thought it was from Silence of the Lambs, but that's Buffalo Bill. (Weird, because round here Buffalo Bill is an ice-cream.)


I can see why you would think that....

I did drop the W.


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I chose "Roboto" because of a beloved Data-themed music video someone made on YouTube ( using the song "Mister Roboto" by Styx.

My personal avatars also generally host the first number of lines from the song. It's part of my shtick, so to speak.


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In my case I'm somewhat like Spock in character. That's rather emotionally inhibited on the outside, and quite emotional on the inside.

Would be good if I could have taken the part of Spock. I then wouldn't have had to do much acting.

A mind is like a parachute - it works best when open.


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akebono is my favorite sumo wrestler of all time and'62 is when I was born.

Peace and long life


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I thought so.- was looking for you, thread.

Your twin is on the first page, which is where you're headed.

Peace and long life


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Haha, mine's pretty self explanatory for any TNG fan. I just added the x for no particular reason.

"On Vulcan, the teddy-bears are alive, and they have 6 inch fangs." Spock


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I chose Al Quahira because it is arabic for Mars. I thought that was cool.


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Mine was supposed to be "assimilatedtrill" and not "aasimilatedtrill", but I type fast, so it's my fault. I love Trills, and I think the Borg are cool, so if I combine them, I get something awesome: A Borg Trill! There aren't any, you know. None were on the show, anyway. I know. I tried looking up a Borg Trill on Google Images and I couldn't find one. And it's very hard to make a Borg with Paint.


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Cuz im totally a Data fan and Worf is awesome and i forgot to put seven of nine on the list. Totally is a totally cool word


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