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Depicting TOS Personalities

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Dear Trekkies, 

I have a mission for you, and one of great importance as it will sway the outome of my psychology project entirely. I need every one of your Star Trek information filled minds to help me depict and disect each of the main cast from every series to see if they are realistically human ( or not ) compared to todays modern personalities. ( alien species do count)

Personally, I'm kidding about the homework thing ( I wish my school would give me an awsome assignment like that ), but I am serious about the whole behavioural srudies thing. I myself only watch TOS and TNG because of the viewing times in my area so I need more help for this project. 

So I'll start us off with an example if more and more people can throw in more to see if we can get a whole data-base going. 

Scotty= Extroverted, dedicated to his work, humerous, stubborn, loyal, responsible,

P.S, I was goign through all the TOS characters and I couldn't think of much fo McCoy???


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mccoy = skeptical, sarcastic, brilliant, ambitious


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Spock: Logical, Reasonable, Loyal, Trustworthy.

"On Vulcan, the teddy-bears are alive, and they have 6 inch fangs." Spock


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I don't think anyone is most like "us" because "we" are all so different.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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I don't know about you guys out there, but I definitely think of myself as a redshirt


Once a trekkie, always a trekkie

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