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Favourite Heroine

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Created by: OtakuJo


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No discussion of mammaries or other physical assets please -- this is entirely based on actions and personality.

Who do you think is the best / strongest / most interesting Star Trek heroine? And if you have a chance, why? (I'm asking because the "why" part is generally the most interesting.)

I vote for Kira because she's a strong and able woman, and also because of the extent to which she developed as a person over the course of seven years. She had a lot to come to terms with and (despite some pitfalls) handled it admirably I think.

How about you?

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I always liked Belanna she was a rebel, a maquis, 1/2 klingon, misunderstood, and a technical genius.

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I firmly believe that Kira is far-and-away the best female main character in the franchise.


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You missed Tasha Yar, Otaku!


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I did indeed! She comes under the Other option -- because the compy limits me to ten choices...

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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I agree, Kira's probably the best. Basically for the same reasons you already stated. I also loved watching Seven and T'Pol develop, as their changes were certainly interesting to watch.

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Gem ('The Empath')

She was prepared to take on other people's pain to heal them - and to risk death to do so - wonderful character from a great episode


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I had to go with Seven, and not just because of my Borg tattoo, which I got shortly before Enterprise premiered, for me it was a real toss up between T'Pol and Seven. They both made some extreme life changes,and share similar internal struggles.  Vulcans were my favorite when I was young, and what's more hardcore than a Borg gone rouge?! 

I am in stark contrast to the logical, cold, and  calculated races I admire, but I'll try and explain my decision as best I can. 

I chose Seven because her internal conflict was something that I really admired about her. I think a lot of us can relate to the concept of being damaged or changed by an unfortunate event and growing cold and/or shutting off a part of yourself (when she was initally assimulated). Seven reminds us that despite the impact of a life altering event, you havent REALLY changed, you are still you. You just are this too now. That it may take some painful soul searching but it is within you to open back up. Later on in the series, another coming of age theme is incorporated. If you have ever been convinced of something and stood for those beliefs, but later formed your own opinion, you can see where Seven successfully incorporates the the things she strongly believes and the things she is coming to understand into her own unique outlook. There are more, like dealing with authorities and love, but I won't ramble anymore. When it comes down to the wire she takes leaps in the right direction, whether it discomforts her or not. She is a complex character, in my mind she is Voyagers "Q" the opposing force that must be in the plot to keep the Captain from getting too big of a head- and well, she IS super attractive to boot. (seeing one her uniforms at the exhibit was AWE-SOME!!! btw) 

 I was really shocked when I saw the results, I don't know why. I guess because Kira always seemed kind of pushy and whiney to me? it's not that I don't love her I just don't see where she made as many self sacrifices as the others. She's a strong independent female and that is an awesome role model don't get me wrong and stands up for what she believes in, and I can totally see why someone would choose her, and for some reason I really expected Janeway to have won. Very cool!)

You'll have to excuse my plug about my tattoo, I got it when I was a dancer and was just astonished to find how MANY people don't watch Star Trek. I mean it is Star Trek! It's like saying "I've never seen I love Lucy, or what's The Twilight Zone. Most of the time it was "what's all them perdy wurds on yur be-hind susposd ta mean?" Even when I do get someone who has watched it and I flip out my tramp stamp-for some odd reason "resistance is futile you will be assimilated" doesn't ring a bell. o.O So, for me to be able to mention it to people who DO know is a pleasure for me. I'm thinking of getting a communicator next, just cant decide which one! 

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I always liked Dr. Crusher, because she was the most caring and compassionate doctor in Star Trek, in my opinion.    She placed the needs of her patients--even those she didn't like--above the political considerations. She is intelligent in fields other than just medicine.  She commanded the Enterprise briefly and had her own medical ship in an alternative timeline.

Also, the thing about Dax is:  Who is the person--the symbiont, the current host or other personalities who have been absorbed?  So, how can youi rate the personality known as Dax?

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Janeway, my childhood role model. Janeway is strong, caring for her crew, and so much more. My favorite character EVAR!!

But as I'm getting more into DS9, I'm starting to like Kira more and more. I think she is a very strong, leading female character.

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I chose Dax. I suppose it is sort of cheating that she is such a well-rounded person as she has had the opportunity to live so many lives, but she is intelligent, funny, proud, and owns who she is. She is fun and more of a complex character than many of the other choices. Kira I would agree is a really strong female role, but she isn't particularly complex. She is strong, yes, but not my favorite.


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See I always found Jadzia to be kind of bland, no offence. As to the question of "Who is Dax?" I don't think it's a matter of Humanoid Or Symbiont. They explain it best when they say, it's like placing salt in water -- you end up with something similar, but combined. When Ezri comes along, she has some similar mannerisms to Jadzia, but she is also noticeably different.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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Glad to see a vote for Gem!!


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So hard to choose, but Janeway had to lead her crew home through unknown territory, and Kira had to lead her people against an invasion, I think those are the top candidates. 

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Kira.. a strong female lead that wasn't just there to be eye candy.

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