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Hope in the Darkness...


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Hope in the Darkness...

This is a dark time for the Federation...the Borg, Species 8472, the Breen have all returned.

These stories are about a Federation starship named USS Avalon set in the year 2389. On the cusp of a new decade, the Borg attacked en masse. Starfleet and the Federation took heavy losses but pulled through it and came back as strong as ever. The call to deep space resounds deep within the heart of many of Starfleet's finest, and this is no exception of the crew aboard USS Avalon. After the Second Borg War in 2384, she was sent back to McKinley Station for repairs and refits. The time has now come for Starfleet to play the cards that it has been dealt to whatever end may come of it.

According to intelligence gathered, it seems the Breen and the Borg have signed a contract and are talking about an all out offensive. Since the aftermath of the great war lies much work to do. Starfleet lies weakened all the more reason why now is the time for fresh crews on newly commissioned Starfleet vessels to get out there and do what they can to uncover the mysteries of the universe. Can the Federation and Starfleet survive. It's all up to you...and we would consider it an honor if you would experience it with us. So enlist today and get started on the oddest tour duty in your life.

I am Captain Tyler Elbrun, PhD and on the behalf of my crew, I would like to welcome you into out tiny, but growing, family. Good Luck and Godspeed. We are currently recruiting for all senior and junior staff positions.

Join the USS Avalon 

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