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A Question about "Mirror Mirror"


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Maybe it's just their brains that got switched.

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At the beginning of the episode, when Kirk and company beamed into the alternate universe, how did they end up in their counterparts' clothes?


My response would be:

The same people in an alternate universe were beaming up/down at the same time and each group of people went into the other group’s universe.  The reason for the counterparts’ clothes not having gone over can be explained by the fact that during a beaming up/down process, each part of what is beamed up/down is handled differently or at the very least it is categorized differently.  If a transporter only handled people as simple atoms/molecules, then people would be beamed up/down with parts of their clothes inside them, no?  (Converting patterns back and forth and having it work successfully means that everything has to arrive the way it left.)  In this case, whatever caused the crossover between universes to happen cause the crossover to ONLY include the bodies and nothing else.  (Note: In the “The Next Generation” there are examples where the transporter was used to remove adverse effects as well as one particular episode where a double of a person was actually created/made so we know that transporters on Star Trek are far from perfect.) 

In response to it being “bad writing”:

The writer of the episode was Jerome Bixby with Gene Rodenberry having credit as well.  Mr. Bixby wrote a number of Star Trek episodes and as with all original Star Trek episodes, the final screenplay for each episode was extremely different than the original story/outline.  I find that if you “believe” in transporters and multiple universes then the idea of a body or bodies being flung from one universe to another during use of said transporter(s) without their clothes isn’t really a stretch.


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