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Worst series finale ever.


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[Warning: contains spoilers if you haven't seen the last episode]

I had never watched "Enterprise" with any consistency when it was on and I just did the whole run over the course of a couple of months. I understand all kinds of things, like the cancellation came as a bit of a surprise, budget cuts, etc., but the last episode just plain stank.

I liked the idea of a holodeck view of the happenings, and killing Trip, while a little sad, just gave it more punch because it added some realism.

But the plot was rushed and full of holes and we didn't even get to see a single second of Archer's speech. The entire crew seemed utterly un-phased by Trip's death, which had just happened. Even his sacrifice rang false because of the way the script was rushed. Making it a two-parter or two hour episode would have helped immensely, but as it stands, it almost ruined the entire series for me, and I'd been enjoying it to that point.

Now Enterprise has two "worsts" in my book. Theme song and ending.

Thank God for JJ Abrams. His reboot will wash all of this away.


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I didn't want to see Archer's speech. That would have been, Ugh. Yet another boring speech! One of the few mercies of that episode was being spared such rhetorical tedium.

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