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Starship Potemkin : The Old Man wants YOU!


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Hardy Men, Women, transgendered folk.... pretty much anyone with a pulse (or an android... but no zombies please!) to come and crew the "Old Man". The Starship Potemkin has returned to Bravo Fleet and is now a member of Task Force 93. Below you'll find a quick synopsis of our current mission and a link to the website. What are you waiting for? Click the link and let's roll!





"Battle Not With Monsters"

Late 2385 - The Starship Potemkin, under the command of Captain Landon Vance is sent to chart the previously unexplored Sector 2376-3 in the Gamma Quadrant. The sector, a full month's journey past the farthest communications buoy is said to be home to class M planets. Three weeks after arriving in the sector, the ship is never heard from again. This is the story of what remains of the ship and her intrepid crew; and how they made it back to the Alpha Quadrant after more than a year.

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