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so vulcans have three times the strength of humans...


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Quote: OtakuJo @ Apr. 10 2012, 2:39 pm


>^What's he got there, a feed-bag?


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how about a Vulcan vrs Chuck Noris

want a hug


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Ok, So.... as I understand it. The reason Vulcans are so much stronger is because they evolved on a planet with increased gravity among other things, they also live for like ever. But, so my question is this, wouldn't the state of less gravity have an impact on ones ability to throw a punch? Therefore I say A. it's even. or B. When all else fails chock it up to a time varience discreptency


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Strength isn't everything. Many combat sports learn you how to use the strength of the adversary. Technique, speed, agilty and experience would count more in a fight than just strength. As strong as the Vulcans might be, don't fotget they have to supress their emotions all the time. Put them against a human with the above mentionned qualities that has the will and the rage to kick their ass and i will always bet on the human.

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