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DS9 - First Look


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hi everyone

as the title suggests im a huge VOY fan and just recently got all of the seaons of DS9 to watch..

so far i am on the last episode of season 1 and i have to say im enjoying it not as much as i did with voyager but it is good, there are a few things that bug me and a few things i really like.. lets start with the bugs, i dont like that some of the main charchters are not star fleet eg. odo and Major Kira although these are some of the best characters of the series thus far i wished they would be is uniform alongside obrian (my alltogether fave charachter) and sisko, but possibly thats just me being silly..

my other gripe is the Ferengi, i just find them flat out annoying but sometime commical.

other than that im really enjoying it im hoping to see more of the technical side on DS9 and im curious to know how big the station is becasue it apears Chief obrian has his work cut out for him lol.

odo is a great character and i like that he is somewhat neutral to the Star Fleet/Bajon beef and his shapshifting looks to be a great premis for future episodes.

some of the middle of season episodes have been a bit weak in my opionion but towards the end now and its gripping me, to be honest i cant wait for worf to join the crew.

well hope i havent rambled on for to long.

im off now to watch the final episode of Season 1


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Seasons 1 and 2 aren't great, but after that comes what I personally consider Trek at its finest. Gripping stories, seamless continuity, and character development outruns everyything else by a parsec.

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To be honest the first 3 episodes of season two have been brilliant, one of the best plots/stories i have seen yet it kept me griped. Hope to see more like it.


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I'm watching DS9 for the first time too and am a little less than half way through Season 2. I thought the first season was not bad, the first three episodes of Season 2 were very good, but I'm not really impressed with the rest of the season so far.


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DS9 RULES!!!!!


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I just want to say it's great to see so many Trek fans finally giving DS9 a shot!

The series lost me during its initial run halfway through the 2nd season, as I (a) didn't feel a connection to the cast, (b) didn't like the fact the crew never went anywhere, and (c) didn't really gel with the Bajoran culture that permeated the show in those early seasons.


I gave DS9 another shot in 2003 and fell in love with it.

Now, it's nearly neck-and-neck with my first love, TOS.

Each of you will find that once you round Season 3 and get into Season 4, DS9 REALLY takes off. And the writing, characterization, acting, special effects, and complex storytelling are arguably the best in the franchise.

Have fun!

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The first 3 season of VOY where awful, the plot awful

The first 3 season of DS9 where good.


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I agree with "TheDriver".


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DS9 is by far the best series.

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