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New Official TOS!?


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Report this Apr. 06 2012, 11:02 am

I saw this on Facebook:


It looks real, with Chris Doohan (Jimmy's son!) and some star power from Grant Imhara!

I can't believe with the movies they're going to do Offical TOS again, but the page says OFFICIAL Star Trek is going to continue!


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Good that means we can just ignore Abrams as a money-making offshoot for non-trekkies

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I'm definatly going to watch this when it comes out


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If it's true, might be worth watching


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Well, if it says it on facebook,it must be true!!!!!


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Yeah right, It will never happen.  Plus, it's a bad idea. If you make star trek, it should be in the canon. If you want to fill a gap, make it TOS movie era. But it would make sense to continue the series with the TNG era. Maybe have the All Good Things/endgame uniforms. And then you could include the Borg.

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Is anyone else bothered by the word 'retelling'? Isn't this just Abrahms all over again?

Either way I think they should leave the TOS characters alone and as suggested above do something else based in the TOS era

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I don't think it would be the same without the original actors so therefore I think it would be better just to create a new series rather than trying to restore an old one.


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It is "STAR TREK CONTINUES". A fan made web series. It is not official Star Trek.

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I believe what we are seeing is an "offcial" posting from "Star Trek Continues"...NOT an OFFICIAL TOS whatever.  ST Continues is considered, by far, one of the best fan made productions and it does have some real star power behind it.  But it's still just visual fan fiction.

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