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October 2012 Star Trek London


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Wishing everyone a safe and fun filled Trek Convention in London.


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I was there! I just returned after a long journey there and back!


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Captain's Log, STARDATE 23102012. Reporting events from Destination: Star Trek: London.

I would like to say a big thank you to Showmasters for putting on Destination: Star Trek London... another top event for the U.K.

I and my wife, her first time ever to a Star Trek convention really enjoyed ourselves over the weekend. We both paid in advance for a 3-day weekend pass, which being at £50.00 was quite reasonable. In reflection, I am rather glad that we did not pay the enormous charge for the silver, gold, platinum and VIP passes, because from what we gathered at the convention, we had just as much fun and experience paying the price we did, than for what you would pay for the other premium passes. My wife did have to obtain her entrance ticket from the queue outside the event entrance, as her pass got lost in the post, but was not there for very long. We did not bother with guest talks or the opening ceremonies.

The goody bag was OK, but could have been a lot better with a few more items from say some of the merchandise stores. I’m not saying anything expensive, but something more than stickers, leaflets and a beer mat. Again, paying the standard passes over the expensive ones, I don’t think we missed out on much in the goody bag score! Apparently, we were lucky to even get a goody bag, as they ran out of them.

The whole event was very well planned out, especially the guest autograph and photos booths. This was due to choosing an excellent venue, which I thought was just right, instead of other venues I have attended that were either too small, or too shabby. The Excel was clean, plenty of ventilation, for once me and my wife were not roasting inside. Everything was professionally set out, utilising the space very well indeed for the queuing that was to be expected. At any event on this scale, you must expect to queue at least once or twice. I guess me and my wife were very fortunate, as the only major waiting we had was in the queues for wanting to purchase live talks, photo shoot tickets and autograph vouchers. We only required a few photo shoot tickets. There should have been a few more merchandise stores to shop at and browse around, and there was plenty of space available. The Klingon and Federation Zones was a good idea, but you could have done with more themed refreshments to choose from, I.E. nicknaming the drinks for Klingon coffee, a raktajino or having red wine simple renamed Klingon Blood Wine. Maybe an idea for next time is to have ‘Quark’s Bar’, and actually have the bartender dressed up as a Ferengi. The refreshment bars were good as they were, but a little more imagination put into the implementation of the drinks and food themselves would of been a nice touch. Maybe the problem is having organisers who are not familiar with Star Trek not actually plan out the themed environments for the event and let the Star Trek fans themselves do the planning and co-ordinate with the organisers. Surely there must be some Trekkies out there who have this influence. Just a thought!

The guests in attendance were over and above being headed off by the 5 captains themselves. I managed to get a photo shoot and autograph from William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn... yes, a lot of money was spent on obtaining this lot, but well worth it. Let’s face it, when will you get the chance again like that? All the guests I saw were friendly, some more than others, but definitely Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks and Brent Spiner who liked my photo with him so much, that he wanted to keep it (joking of course), and I got to do a high five with him. Each of the guest asked how I was, and I returned the gesture. Very pleasant, and a great experience.

The museum was a little exaggerated to be called that, as it was a small area for costumes, props and a model ship from Star Trek: Enterprise. The area was OK, but nothing really special. Seeing 7 of 9’s blue uniform was good, as I met her earlier in the year at London Comic-Con.

There has been a lot of negative reviews about this convention from what I have read on this forum, and they probably have a good point to express their opinions, but at the end of the day, you try to make the convention your own, and most definitely plan your weekend out on what you want to do, and prioritise who you want to see and have photos with and obtain autographs from. You pay all that money out, so you need try and be cool about it, and to have a great time and experience in doing so.

The last time I went to an official Star Trek convention was in 2000 in Glasgow and have done so since the early 1990s. I have been to quite a few and met some wonderful people, but believe me, they have changed in scope and size since then, and I will admit, it’s a money making enterprise now. Back in the day, you paid a fee for the whole weekend, usually around £50-£70, and this included unrestricted access to the event, entrance to all activities including opening ceremonies, parties at night time and other fun events, and also your actual meeting with any of the guest stars who attended and an autograph... all included in one fee. Times has changed now, as you practically pay for each of the above now.

This does not bother me really, as it’s the first Star Trek convention I have attended in 12 years and I was not going to miss it, as I don’t think they’ll be one this size for a while, unless of course Showmasters think about doing an annual event, since going by the 17000+ attendance figure of this one, that might change! My wife certainly enjoyed herself, and she is not really a fan of Star Trek, but loved the experience of being there. Having her photo taken with Patrick Stewart was once of her highlights and seeing how much an impact Star Trek is in our cultural lifestyle, it was certainly an eye opener for her.

I look forward to whatever Showmasters have lined up in the future, as am sure there is somebody right now planning more events like this one. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is 20 years old next year... hint hint!

Our thanks to Showmasters, the organisers and crew members for their hard work, as it really showed from our point of view of all their hard work, and that they did think about the attendee’s needs, being friendly and helpful and made our experience really special.

Live Long and Prosper everyone J


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Hey all! First time posting.  Just wanted to say my girlfriend and I had a great time at the convention. It was fantastic fun. I agree with what Fleetwood just said about some of the 'theming' of things being a bit lacking, but overall it was excellent.

I have one main question, and I didn't know where else to post it - On the Star Trek facebook page there's a really nice photo of my girlfriend (taken when we were going in for the record breaking number of people in Trek costume). I was wondering how/where/who I need to ask to see if I could get the full (or at least higher) quality version of the image? It's this one here:

We've got some great photos, but I think this was one of the best and it'd be a shame not to have the best quality version possible.


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I enjoyed my first one but I think I didnt get the most of it due to some organizer problems.

The website said there was no photoshoot for Shatner and Stewart on the Saturday, but when we got there it was otherwise.

The attempt to break the record for gathering of constumed-fans wasnt really promoted well enough so we can prepare, that my outfit was rejected on the time of gathering. /JCB


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This is my first post on this site. I paid for a gold pass at this convention in London and I thought it was a total rip off. £300 GBP, and I still had to queue for the minor talks of which I missed a number of. I used to be involved in the earlier conventions held in hotels around the country organised by fans for fans. far better and friendlier. The goodie bag was full of nothing. I even had to pay for the lanyard for my pass. I have never HAD to supply my own 10x8's or other items to sign. The talks were OK but not enough about trek. although kate mulgrew was fantastic not waffling on like the others. If you get a chance check out my web site or friend me in Facebook.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the whole thing was overpriced- £15 for one autograph? My goodie bag was pretty crappy too, I got Neelix as my autograph, everything else in there was themed for the event, not actual trek. A poster, beer mat, badge and bookmark and a forbidden planet leaflet was what I got.

That said, the TNG party was worth going to, if pricey. Saw Avery Brooks up close while he sang jazz, and Mark Alaimo (briefly), Anthony Montgomery (didn't recognise him in a baseball cap until he introduced himself), Chase Masterson who also sang, and Dominic Keating who did stand-up.

The talks were pricey but worth going to- queues were a mile long even with tickets. EVERYONE wanted to see the Patrick Stewart one He said at the end he'd love to get the entire TNG cast together for a future convention, that got a huge cheer!


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It's interesting to see what people are saying.

I had a ticket for the saturday but in the end i lost enthusiasm (the final straw was the DLR not operating - nice timing that - which would have meant four changes of transport just from North London). I value my saturdays and just couldn't be bothered in the end, as i felt it would all be about queueing and looking at stuff to buy - press articles i read about it seemed to confirm this.

I think Fleetwood's comments about the lack of themed cafes is telling, surely these conventions should try and 'immerse' people as much as possible.

ultimately i guess i'm just not hard-core enough to go at any cost...




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