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Worst Theme Song Ever.

randy kerr

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Report this Jul. 19 2012, 3:03 pm

they are all awesome.


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all i can say is ...arghhhhhhhhhh! and now its in my head its been a long time getting...some body please shoot me! make it stop its worse than being tortured by a sadistic cardassian arghhhhh!

definatly feeling aggresive tendancies captain

Romulus I

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The first version of the theme was okay but when the revised it stunk. I'm not a fan of country music and that's what it sounded like to me.


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Enterprise has hands down the absolute worst theme song. It's like a cut rate Rod Stewart trying to sing a ballad about human progress. Not a bad message, but coupled with the cheesey song its a little over the top. And its such a departure from the other shows classic arrangements, which are engrained in Star Trek lore. It's awkward, cheesey and obnoxious. 


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I've never had a problem with it.  I like how it tells the story of humans expanding from a sailing ship to early space travel to the first warp drive flight to the Enterprise.


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It is one of my favorites , I have it as aring tone.


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This theme to me was the biggest WTF moment in sci-fi for me. I never skip the other series openings but this one. It's just crap.


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It wasn't terrible, but it was so genertic, it could have been almost any song, fact some other genertic songs match it much better.

Perfect Strangers Theme

Personal taste and all but it just felt rather flat and the opening was otherwise good, it just wasn't a very powerful or exciting song for me.

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