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Worst Theme Song Ever.

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I have now witnessed all of the Star Trek series opening and theme songs. Having just finished DS9, I didn't think anything could be worse than the very long, very boring shots of DS9 and the worm hole. TNG was not much better. I cannot believe the theme song opening for Star Trek Enterprise. The show is obviously celebrating the entrpreneurial spirit of humans from an age pretty close to our own, but really? Country? And cheesy no less? I cannot listen to a second of it without getting the chills. It is the inconsistency that really confuses me though - yes, it is it's own show, but it just does not fit with Star Trek to me. Not one bit. 

Worst theme song ever.


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I thought it was one of the better ones, personally. What would you prefer, rock and roll? Country worked the best for the song's purposes, and it remains one of my favorites. I even have the full version on my iPod.

Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite of the openings?

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Country? From which country?

I like the ENT theme, weel the first two seasons anyway. Don't much care for the version from seasons three and four.

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I do not watch Star Trek for the theme song, but for the stories.

I can't care less about the theme song.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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hated it


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TAS.  The cheesy, generic 1970s disco-esque version of the TOS Theme used for it is just so annoying and always detracts from my enjoyment of the 22 TAS episodes.

"Star Trek" was, is, and will always be "Star Trek" (as in the original series). "The Next Generation" is a spectacular show that I more or less consider equal to the original, and DS9 is pretty good (albeit far overrated by many). The first 8 movies are fine by me too!


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I think it would have been fun if Scott Backula had read the "These are the voyages..." bit for the opening.  That said, I actually liked the song and felt it was appropriate for the show.  Had there been a song for one of the other shows, it wouldn't have worked as well.  Besides, let's be honsot, how many here when watching on DVD or NetFlixs don't just skip all of the various shows theme songs anyway to get to the rest of the show?  Exactly.


PS: That was NOT country.


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I thought it was alright, but it did get boring eventually.

As with most sci-fi, I prefer instrumental and/or narrative intros.


Firefly is the only exception. 


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The Enterprise theme is indeed very bad. The best one for me is Voyager's, followed by TNG and then TOS.


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I think it was okay, and appropriate to the series.  I do like the themes from the 3 sequel series & some of the movies.  My big problem with this theme is the double negative as I tend to prefer to be grammaticaly correct.


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At first I couldn't stand Enterprise's theme song, but it has grown on me. It's really not that bad, just different.

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While a unique and different approach, ulitmately I think it left most fans cold. Vocals tend to be distracting in a theme for shows like this, and while the montage of visuals is very cool, I always felt something similar to the theme from FIRST CONTACT would have been a better music choice. Jerry Goldsmith was the man when it came to those themes, having composed both the TNG and VOY themes. (Voyager is my personal favorite - something "epic" in the sound).

Just sayin'.


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I agree. It is horrible. It's worse than the "Firefly" theme song, which was at least thematically consistent with the 'space western' feel of Whedon's best TV outing. But the Enterprise theme is just pure drivel. The lyrics kinda sorta fit the theme, but musically it is lowest common denominator adult contemporary pap.

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It was a nice change of pace from the orchestrated themes from the previous series. In any event, I watched Enterprise for the great stories, not the theme.


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Ugh my goodness. The theme song. Where to begin?!?! Way to different and modern than the others and the singing? I have no problem with the song... but I mean, all the other intro's were like of starships and planets and stuff... not new (yet cheesy) animation to make it look mainstream. Stop trying to copy Big Bang Theory (that did come after right??)

Well, anyways, should have just gone back to the lovely intro from TOS...

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