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Data is a jerk when he's in charge


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>Especially when one considers how many times Riker orders, "Shields up!" or "Fire!" without Picard's prior authorization.


Exactly.  Part of the XO's job is to act with initiative on the captian's behalf.  If Data couldn't trust Hobson to perform in that capacity then he should have accepted Hobson's request for a transfer. 


What's more, Hobson's prejudice against Data for being an android is understandable.  Hobson has never met an android before; he didn't know Data could do the job.  It wasn't unreasonable for him to question Data's ability.

Perhaps it was not altogether unreasonable, but that is not something to be done in public on the bridge for all to see and here. I recall in another episode when Data was in charge, he took Worf aside and explained this same concept to him: if the XO has questions about his superior's capabilities, then he should take him aside and speak to him privately, not challenge him before the entire bridge crew. 

And, in this case, when mere seconds made the difference between success and failure, Data did not have time to make a lengthy explanation. That is also the perogative of a commander. He is not required to provide detailed explanations at every turn.

Good point about the public vs private corrections, but there were 2 differences that explain that.  Worf was being insubordinate because he didn't agree with Data.  Hobson was blatantly trying to usurp Data's authority.  While it could be argued that public insubordination should be dealt with by public reprimand, Data chose to do it privately as was his prerogative, and as you said, there was time to do it that way.  Hobson needed to be put in his place publicly due to the immediate need, and Data needed to assert himself openly to counter Hobson's "you don't belong here" attitude toward Data.  Remember that Hobson put the weapons back online, undoing a step in the procedure to save lives so he could openly state that the machine doesn't care about people.

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