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Dominion Vs The Borg.

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Created by: JASantiago88

randy kerr

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the borg will win.

i love all star trek shows and movies.


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I say the Dominiom for simple reason. Domimion much more militery fight force then UFP. They might go tantic simple beam over so many Jem Harder foot soldiers adapt tantic shoot drones Borg Cube at once. For that matter that tantic used againist Borg charge starfleet command. load the starship so few million UFP people armed phaser and beam on to every starships. Borg say lower shield power down your weapons. I say fine beam over army take care them.

the bungalo bill

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Whether or not the Borg would be able to assimilate the Jem Hadar or the Founders does not factor into this war.

Yes, it does. Part of the reason they were going to blow up the ship in First Contact was because the borg assimilated the crew.

The Borg ADAPT. if they could not assimilate they would either not go to war at all OR they would simply use their more advanced technology and just completely anialate the Dominion.

But remember? The Borg's priority is technology, not assimillation! Anyway, there isn't much evidence that a Borg Cube's "advanced technology" could withstand fifty Jem'Hadar ships ramming into it. You may say that the Dominion would run out of troops quickly, but as Lucifer said on page 1, there is little evidence the Borg have a lot of ships.

I could never see a situation of the Dominion going to war with the Borg, The dominion would only fight the Borg if neccessary to survive. TheFounders, unlike the Borg, have the luxury of common sense.

The question isn't whether or not they would go to war, it is who would win a war between them.

The Borg would only Invade if they could assimilate or if Dominion territory somehow advanced them. 

The Borg's priority is technology, not assimilation!

As to the question of the addiction to Tetracel White... In my personal opinion, becoming a Cyborg would void you of your bodys physical addictions... as most bodily functi=ns would be controlled by the Borg Nano Technology. If they did have a Physical addiction after assimalation it would require a short detox period before the new Drone would be effective but it wouldnt render the Drone completely useless.

(See Lucifers post on pg. 1.)

The Dominion preys on Fear and wearing their Enemy down with their endless soldiers and fleets.

And suicide runs which would easily destroy a Borg cube.

The Borg posess no fear

Jem'Hadar do?

Borg weaponry vs Dominion...?

Fifty ships crashing into a Borg Cube or a Borg cube locking its beam on one   Jem'Hadar warship? (Remember, the Dominion fleet gets its strength from amount of ships, not size.)

welll.  WOLF 359.. = 1 CUBE > 40 Starfleet Vessels 

During the Dominion War, the Dominion believed they could win without suicide runs. If the Dominion was losing, they could just crash their ships into the Cubes.

And let us not forget....

The Borg have MUCH easier access to DOMINION TERRITORY versus Starfleet/Alpha Quadrant.  

Which is proven where?

The Dominion lacks the one thing that saved the Federation from the Borg countless times.... Heart

If you could choose between 100 warriors with "heart" but no fighting skills or 100 warriors without "heart" and superb fighting skills, which would you choose? (Assuming they were protecting you from 90 vicious warriors)


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The Dominion has numbers. They would make a very difficult adversary for the borg because the soldiers of the Dominion, the Jem'Hadar, are bred for battle. Plus, the Dominion can constantly replace their soldiers and leaders by cloning more. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. If the Dominion ends up losing its cloning facilities or its ketracel white facilities, they're toast.      

The thing that makes the Borg tough is the fact that they have the combined technology of thousands of civilizations they assimilated, plus tons of people. And they adapt, making them invulnerable to lots of different attacks.

I think that the Dominion would win the war. They also have pretty good technology, would be difficult to assimilate because of the ketracel white, and, assuming the changeling founders fight, there could be little chance to stop them. Plus, the Dominion is just awesome. 

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