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Voyager Books


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Read the first two, but I got side-tracked with the Typhon Pact stuff and I haven't really picked up Children of the Storm.


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I am also very happy our Janeway is back, too; it's been a hard few years without her.  Now that she is in charge of the fleet in the DQ (hoping they stay there for a couple more books, and that means more Voyager books of course) with most of the "old" Voyager crew back (maybe Tuvok can at least be written as speaking to KJ over the comm relays), I can look forward to reading more of the ship's adventures!

Cpt. Sameway

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EXTREMELY glad that Janeway is back! YESSS! Now, I can resume the series. Without her, I wouldn't bother...


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 She's back? Yay!!

Now I have to go catch up on some reading.




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OoooOOOo, I had heard that there was going to be a book with Janeway back in the action!  Now I need to find it! Haven't had a new Voyager book since ST:VOY 'Unworthy'

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