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Neelix could be a touch annoying at times (especially when it involved Kes), but he had a big heart and I really liked the character overall.


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he's okay coz he gives the show some humor . . . and he calls Tuvok Mr. Vulcan which I find amusing

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I think that Neelix is great! sometimes he was anoyying but his own episodes (those mainly about him) were pretty good. He always set up the situations for Tuvok where he came in the nasty no-emotional situations. I also think that Kes was a great character though, she was sometimes boring but she has a great deal of philosophy in her part. She always saw the good sight of people and was the "dolly" like character, she always was sweet to everyone, which late was taken over by Neelix and the doctor.

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Quote: flottanna @ Mar. 28 2012, 4:30 pm


>Neelix is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!




But he's the comic releif!

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Not only was Neelix annoying, he was just a jerk. I mean okay, he has different cultural values, that I may find annoying(which I won't bother listing for it would take up most of my post), I get that and can accept it.

What I can't accept is that he's a jerk. Chastizing people for using replicator rations? Having a PREGNANT woman fix his replicator. Forcing his values on Tuvok at every oppurtunity? His overpossesiveness of Kes(frankly he should be thanking the Talaxian gods he even had such a cute, desirable female... even if she was three and didn't know better)? His constant need to inject himself into every situation?

He's a self absorbed jerk. Really I can see what the writers were going for, a renegade type character that's outside the Starfleet loop like Quark was for DS9. They just... bungled it beyond belief.


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Neelix wasn't my favorite character and I found him annoying but he was an important character on the show. Therefore, I voted he was okay but I admit as annoying as he was he was okay.

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Annoying as hell and I get a creepy pedophile-vibe from him when he kisses kes.


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I hated him he was a lying cowardly paranoid phsyco.  


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I hated him at first, but he grew on me. He also developed and matured more as a character over the years.

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Neelix is cool i liked how the creaters kept thinking of new whays to tourcher him!!

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I don't hate Neelix but I don't like him. I can take him or leave him. Now the actor, I will say is amazing!

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