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Created by: janewayjunkie74656


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So people have a lot of different opinions about Neelix. Like him? Hate him? Don't care?

I like Neelix. I thought he was funny. A lot of people thought he was annoying or something, but I liked him. 

What are your thoughts on this Talaxian?

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He was very ennoying at the beginning of the series, but got better over the years. I voted, he's okay.

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Like I mentioned in the other poll, I think Neelix was a total sweetheart. He was so good to Kes and Tuvok. He was an integral part of the crew.


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Forgot to mention that I have a cat (white tiger) named Neelix. Not long-haired like Barclay's Neelix, but adorable just the same!


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Neelix is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Neelix kind of grows on you.  And, they needed him at times, because he was not a Starfleet officer.  He could do things they could not.

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I dont hate him but he is annoying


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Neelix was a great character.  I love the "Mortal Coil" episode.

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Quote: Hugues @ Mar. 27 2012, 3:59 am


>He was very ennoying at the beginning of the series, but got better over the years. I voted, he's okay.


Same goes for me.

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Nelix is ok....I wonder what would happen if Nelix and Quark worked? you think Nelix would drive Quark insane? lol


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I liked Neelix even though yeah he could be annoying sometimes. I mean Voyager did need someone as a guide in alien territory so far from home and he was perfect for it. Sometimes he did seem kind of useless and they (the writers) didn't always have anything for him to do but make funny commentary in an episode be he was better than Kes. I liked Kes as a person but she really was useless on Voyager I really didn't see any point in having her character around. And I never understood Tom's interest in her she was boring and uninteresting. She was more like your kid sister than someone you'd take a romantic interest in and I was glad when they wrote her off the show, nothing against actress Jennifer Lien it's just the character I didn't like really. I don't see why they brought her back in Fury either, other than to have Kes move Voyager closer to home and I think they could've thought of more interesting ways to do it.



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He got better as the seasons went on, but he was never my favorite. 


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Neelix is okay.  Not my favorite and I agree, he got better as Voyager went on.

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Neelix was the morale officer; they all would have gone space-crazy without him.

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He may have been annoying, but I still liked him.

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