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Its a place where no man has gone before.


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Hello cadets.

I'm captain Dustin Guidry CO of the delta, i'm looking for a few good men and women. Who have the skill and courage to honor on ongoing tradition to seek out new life, and new civilization's. To boldly go where no man has gone before!


The USS.Delta is a pathfinder class star ship, which is the most advanced star ship in the fleet.

All of her crew slots are open. XO-and on


Give you one good reason to join you say? I'll give you 10!


1.The Delta is brand new ship, which means you dont have to settle for a low ranking position and answer to 10 different people.

2.We only ask that you post so people understand what your rping about. Any style and form that you wish to use.

3.There are no simming test given to you to join the delts, and it wont stop you from receiving a high rank either.

4.You don't have to know every bit of the star trek universe to join.

5.You can play as many people as you want as long as you can keep up.

6.The delta dosen't just travel in the same area seeing the same action all the time. Some missions take place in the Alpha and Delta Quadrants in one mission.

7.Plenty of chances for you to take command, The ship has a MVA Mode which needs two other officers to control.

8.Get tired of your position, are think you would be better in a different one you can changes at any time you wish.

9.We come up with the next mission as a crew, so everyone has a chance to speak up.

10.Many huge simm/RPG if you don't join fast you get a low spot and are pretty much ignored by the entire simm, this dose not happen on the delta!


I am currently in Louisiana, so some of you know what been going on so I don't have a lot of time to look on here but plz email me once you have signed up on the forum.




My email


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Open Positions









I might also have marines if any one is willing to be XO


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The mission is now under way, plz fill free to join at anytime that youi wish.


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The delta and her crew are now aprt of a massive new simm that takes place on a planet. Plz join Section 7

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