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Andorians v. Vulcans


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As far as this series is concerned, Andorians are more understandable and accommodating.

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I dont know why but i feel the same, and i wanna be a vulcan fan boy so bad...but...i gotta go Andorian!


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Shran vs. Spock? Ummm.... Spock.


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I'd go Andorian their more normal unlike the emotionless Vulcans


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Quote: cowgirlcadet @ Mar. 27 2012, 5:34 pm


>Shran vs. Spock? Ummm.... Spock.


But you really can't make that comparison. Vulcans in ENT or so much differrent than the original in TOS. They remind me more of TOS Romulans, besides, Spock is only Half Vulcan.

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