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Are the Vegas parties worthwhile?


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I'm interested in picking up tickets for the Vegas convention. I'm torn between the preferred and the captain's chair tickets, though. The only difference seems to be the parties. Are these parties worth going to?

Any help you folks can give would be very much appreciated. If you can get back to me by tonight, it would be great, as these tickets seem to be going very fast. :-D


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Did you see that I'm selling my Gold Weekend packages for cheap?  They area already sold out at


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I dont think they are worth it since the Experienced closed. I went to the one at the Stratosphere and it was lousy.


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The Vegas con has lost some luster since STTE closed but the parties are fun you get photo ops that do not cost extra.

I went to a Klingon Brunch and Mike Dorn was outragous he was shooting pictures of everyone because we were all shooting him.


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