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Downloading wallpapers


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I have tried three separate times to download the new Spock wallpaper for my laptop, but keep getting told I need to be logged in to download stuff. Obviously, since I am logged in to the boards here, I am logged in. Whats up with the issues on this site? Does anyone have an idea how to get the download for the Spock wallpaper?



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Sadly, this has been an issue for a while in different parts of the site.  It happens to most, if not everyone, every once in a while.

Sometimes logging off and on the site manually takes care of it.  Also, try another browser.


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Where is Chekov off of the original series, the wallpaper collection would not be complete without him after all he was one on the main characters from the original series.


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just right click on the picture when your mouse is on the picture and it should open a window box where it says, set to backdrop? IDK should work?


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sorry for streching this page

back to original format..hehe

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