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2 part episodes


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So I was thinking... is there a higher expectation for 2 part episodes of any series? I think there kind of is. I think when you start watching a 2 part episode, you kind of expect it to be good and have a great cliffhanger to bring you back to the second part. 

So when 2 part episodes aren't as good, it's kind of disappointing. Anyone else agree?

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I do have higher expectations.  In general, the two-parters pull through and meet my expectations.  That said, a number of them do suffer from pacing problems and seemingly unnecessary padding out.  Too much story for one episode, not enough drama for two. 


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>Generlly the two-parters were pretty good in general.

>Perhaps it was because they had more money to spend on them.


Did you know TOS "The Menagerie" was actually done to save money? But it's still one of the best two-parters in Star Trek.

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Two-part episodes usually deal with more-complicated subjects and have time to develop better plots and more in depth characterizations.  So, they are usually better.  But, not necessarily.  My favorite episodes are one-parters.

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When I watch two parter it's almost like a event to me. It's not when I watch them for the first time and it ends with "to be continued...", in opposite to the single episodes when the story is done after 45 minutes with a conclusion.


Either way for the manner of The Menagerie it's origanely the pilot to TOS & was re-used to show it again, because The Cage didn't go in series of TOS with Cpt. Pike, his crew & Spock. It of course did go on with the charactors Kirk etc.

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