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What would you change about the Star Trek uniforms?


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My favorite actual Starfleet uniforms are from TOS and TNG. It seems to be the same with other people here. There's also e.g. the uniforms of 'The Cage' era, Enterprise (with Captain Archer), the first Star Trek motion picture, those red jacket ones of the rest of the movies with Kirk etc., Voyager, and Enterprise E (looking like they're inside-out), etc. I also didn't really like those. :-)     


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Quote: megan512 @ Mar. 27 2012, 8:32 pm


>And pants as an option for females. I can't see an officer in Starfleet running around in a skirt. You couldn't get anything done.


Like those women in Engineering. :-)


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The TOS uniforms just need to go, as do the ENT uniforms. There's no saving them. TNG is ok, but no dresses. I was nearly scarred for life seeing men in thigh high dresses. And the dress uniforms were too long. The DS9/VOY uniforms were ok. I didn't really care for the new DS9 uniforms; it was harder to recognize the division (red, gold, or blue/green)

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I think that it should be like this:

(don't know how to upload picutre)


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Personally, I liked the white one piece uniforms they wore in the first movie.  But I definitely agree with Cowgirlcadet in that they need pockets.



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I would make them jumpsuits.  But, I kind of like the idea of epaulets for officers.

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I would not have 4 different uniforms in 8 years (TNG1, TNG2, DS9 #1/VOY, DS9 #2), especially after the same uniform (TOS movie, seen in multiple TNG flashbacks going only a decade or so back) had been used for more than 50 years.

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