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Which hearing struck the biggest blow for the rights of artificial life in general?

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I'm not sure...the first one is probably the most significant since it's presumably the first case of it's type, but the second is more directly referring to the Doctor's unique status.

I'm not loving the voting options, though. There should be a "both were equally significant" option in there.

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measure of a man. It's basically like emancipation proclomation of the civil war. Freeing slaves. Machines are slaves basically.


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I liked "Measure of a Man" better than "Author, Author". I think Author Author may have tried too hard to be like Measure of a Man. Or something. I don't know.

I enjoyed them both, but I think Measure of a Man had the most "bang" to it.

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 Whereas the trial of Data began the move for civil rights (and the initial precedent should never be discounted), the Doctor's trial becomes even more significant because: (a)it is easier to grasp the rights of an individual when they appear to have more in common with you (data is a physical being specifically designed to evolve), than something that is, to one's mind, a ficitional character (the Doctor is essentially viewed in a manner not unlike one...or was, until the trial). The Doctor essentially re-defined what a sentient being is on a more profound level (an intangible, reflection of an entity can have rights; more dramatic than a tangible, unique entity).

  Both, of course, are equally sentient AI's or a practical level, but the major obastacle to all civil rights scenario is the perception of those granting those rights, and the Doctor, in human perception, is farther from being an actual "person" than Data (despite the fact that the Doctor actually possessed more human qualities, mentally). the real trick was to get those who had the power to make the ruling stop perceiving the Doctor as (effectively) a work of fiction, himself (the general perception of holographic images), before his imagination...and prorpietary rights over same...could be acknowledged. Imagine if Bart Simpson suddenly decided to write his memoirs, and Gracie Films wanted to take the credit. This is what it probably felt like to the "con" side of the issue. for the Federation to take the leap past that kind of reaction was a much larger milestone than a walking, talking, physically touchable person (even an inorganic one) deciding that he was a person, and be treated accordingly.

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