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Constitution Class Design

Kate McCoy

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just Curious as to what You guys think of The Design of the Different Constitution Class Designs

Kate McCoy

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Yes You've Got the Original Design, Then You Have The refit design, And Then You Gots Abhrams Design, I'd post pictures but it never works.....


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The refit Constitution class starship is my favorite sci-fi vehicle ever.

The original TOS design is a close second.

Even though I greatly enjoyed the new film...I didn't like the new version of the ship (inside or out) at all.


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NCC-1701, no bloody A,B,C, or D.

Kate McCoy

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Or any of those Bloody Letters? My Favorite has To Be the Original simpy cause it has a Certin Elagance to it that the rest of them Can't beat..... VGEr my biggest complaint with The Interior of the Newest enterpprise was that the Bridge looked like an Apple Store and Engineerening Looked like Scotty planned making a Distillery out of it


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The exterior of the new design in ST09 is my fave.

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Did anyone else think that engineering in the ST09 movie was WAAAY too big?? The Original Constitution class ship is nowhere near that big, unless engineering takes up half of the secondary hull in this "new" reality . . . the exterior, was an acceptable upgrade (though the warp nacelles look kinda like jet engines) but the bridge was, again, far too high-tech and flashy, even on the USS Kelvin. Seemed like a clash of technologies. I liked the film a lot, but the changes were, well, questionable. I LOVE the original Constitution class design, and the refit is not bad. Probably a generational thing; grew up with TOS, but there is something to be said for simplicity of design. That ship is an icon that almost anyone in the world recognizes simply by its shape.


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Hi i'm new to STAR TREK boards however my favorite design is the refit from "Wrath of Kahn". (There were minute diferences in the interior).

Dammit Jim i'm a doctor NOT an starship captain!!!


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My favorite Connie is the refit, then the original. I always hated the JJprise.

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I have seen pictures of designs for the enteprise and the design we got is just plain and simple,a design on which most of the starships we have seen on all 5 series and movies are based on.

Reliant Redshirt

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I like the original bridge, I had understood that it actually won an award for efficiency, and that some navy ships had a similar design due to other reasons, for the Enterprise it was a chance to give all actors screen time without changing the frame too much, in a nuclear vessel it is so the captain can have information without reliying too much on comm systems.
as for which is my favorite,it is the refit, which has the same distribution but looks more like my adoptive ship's

vulcan lady

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I like the Constitution class (TOS or refit) for the main reason that it is immediately and obviously recognizable as STAR TREK.

Example: put just an Enterprise ship on a T-shirt, and it is recognizable as representing Star Trek, no words needed.

You guys understand what I mean?



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I gotta say I like the refit it's a excellent design. It looked like a star ship and a bit less like a living room or plastic playground from the new movie.



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I like the first picture the best. It looks the sleekest.

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