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Is Samantha Naomi's mother?


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You're not supposed to think that hard about Voyager.  It will hurt your brain.


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The ship & crew were duplicated so although they became 2 separate individuals, they are biologically the same. 

Kyle Riker had 1 son (that we know of).  One of them became first officer of the Enterprise & eventually captain of the Titan, but the other was trapped on a planet for several years, got assigned to some other vessel remaining a LT until he left to join the Maquis.


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>In episode "Dead Lock" Voyager was duplicated.  On one Voyager, Naomi died in child birth.  On the other Voyager, Samantha was ultimately killed when that Voyager exploded.  Before that Voyager exploded Naomi was brought to the other Voyager and given to the Samantha on that ship.  Is Samantha still Naomi's mother?  Since she did not technically give birth to that particular Naomi


That's the same episode where Kim carried the infant Naomi to the other Voyager. Kim had a discussion with Janeway about this, though he knew everyone and things were the similiar, he felt uncomfortable. But he was Kim just from another reality, so I would say that Naomi is the daughter of Samantha both on the ship the survived and that was destroyed. At least that's my opinion

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I think the phase shift would have returned to normal once the one Voyager was destroyed and there would be no misalignment anymore, so there wouldn't be a difference in the phase signatures of Harry, Naomi, and the rest of the Voyager crew. Thus I think Naomi is the biological daughter of Samantha, and would have the same phase signature.


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They're still genetically similar. Let's say you were cloned, and both you and your clone had a baby, exactly the same on all counts. Oh, by the way, this really doesn't work out for guys. It would be awkward. Anyway, if you and you clone had to switch babies and both babies were exactly the same in every respect, don't you think that after a while, you would start to think that your clone's baby was yours? It's pretty much the same here. 

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