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The Slaver Weapon


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I really enjoyed this one - the idea of the weapon was a good one and there was a surprising amount of back history built into it, but they kept it interesting.

And although I've nothing against Kirk, I thought it refreshing to have an episode in which he didn't feature at all - it gave Spock and particularly Sulu and Uhura a bit more airtime.

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I also enjoyed having Kirk eliminated from the equation to allow for other characters like Sulu and Uhura participate more.

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I also enjoy it. really a good topic.


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This episode was the single reason why Gene decided to have the series removed from canon. It is because the writer had his own unique sci fi universe and rather than just write a Star Trek episode put his universe in it. Gene was NOT happy about this but had less control over the series than he did with TOS so it was not killed way back then.


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I loved the episode. Just wished the "Kzinti" could have figured into Enterprise.

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I don't think the sociology of Known Space would have meshed well with the Federation's. But I did enjoy getting to see some Kzin outside of a Larry Niven story. Not exactly how I expected them to look or behave, but overall I thought it was a well-done episode.

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a aweome story.


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It was a great episode.  Loved the cat people and the whole concept of ancient civilizations

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