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Reshape the Federation.


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Reshape the Federation, literally. The USS Sutherland is looking for you to help Starfleet reshape the Federation’s border along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Assigned to Task Force 93, codenamed SEARCH or Starfleet’s Exploratory and Advanced Research Command Headquarters, Captain McGavin and his crew are charged with exploring both space and their new found comradery with their green-blooded neighbours.

The Sutherland is ready to set sail on her new adventures but she’s missing one thing, you on her command crew. There are several positions available, and they are listed below. Please visit our site here. Apply today, adventure tomorrow!

The most important positions to fill are marked with an asterisk (*)

First Officer*

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Tactical Officer*

Chief Engineering Officer*

Chief Science Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Marine Commander (Works as Asst. CTO)

**The First Officer, Tactical Officer and Engineering Officers are crucial for the first mission.

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