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I have always been a Trekkie, and I've been looking for TOS in its entirety on VHS for years. This past Christmas, I found it at a thrift shop, in perfect condition - all tapes included. When I went back to get it, it was gone, and I was heartbroken. I admit, that I cried. I didn't want them on DVD because to me, its not the same experience. Anyway, on Christmas morning, I had this huge box waiting for me. I unwrapped it and inside was the exact set I was looking at at the thrift store. My parents had gone in and bought it after I left without me knowing. It was one of the best presents I think I could have ever received. Trekkie blood runs through these veins!


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Nice little story.

Though I don't see how you wouldn't want the DVDs with all the extras.

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I agree I couldn't bring myself to get them all because the shelf space would have been insane but at least you got what you wanted.

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I got socks for Christmas.


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I got coal. Seriously, love those old TOS clamshell VHS cases, they look so antiqueish nowadays & picked up half a dozen recently to display in my video/games room.

The downside is that as, Servalanfan mentioned, they slowly begin to fade/erode after a number of views/passes. Also, apparently, the magnetic orientation/encoding on VHS tapes is only suppose to last about 30 years or so. We are approaching that now with the early VHS issues & so it is possible that people may start to see gradual degradation in quality - even without regular usage.

The good news is that thrift shops are getting more & more DVDs in stock these days ... so hopefully you'll be as lucky with that media as you were with the tapes.


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I'm was on holidays and I went up to the coast for a week. I went into a second hand store, as I had some spare change, and sitting on a self was 4 episodes of Star Trek on VHS. It was like 2 or three bucks and the VHS tapes are ten times better than the DVD copies

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