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If JJ Abrams had Done Voyager....

Kate McCoy

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Found this online What Do you Guys think?


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Oh, there'd be tons more lens flare, and maybe Tuvok would have shagged 7of9.

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Kate McCoy

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haha Thqts probley True  


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Looks ugly. It's just a disk stuck to a cylinder with warp nacells. Not to mention that the artists used 23rd Century nacells...too make a point I guess rather than actually try reinvition JJ style nacells for the 24th Century.


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JJ Abrams has a darker, grittier style that departs from the original concepts. When Rodenberry created ST he had an optimistic view of the future. If you see the first Star Trek Film (1979) it is very brightly lit, saturated colors and a positive message at the end (true: the film is very slow-paced and more focused on FX). If you compare it with Abram's Star Trek (2005) it is diametrically opposed. I like both styles. I think Abrams re-wrote Star Trek for future generations. Having said all this, if Abrams would've done Voyager, it would've been a totally different show. I don't know if better... or worse... It simply would've been... different-


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IDK about JJ but that ship is tottally cool


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That ship is a nice rendering but the Abrams' version did harken back (some) to the original, this just looks like what Voyager had looked like had it been built in the 23rd century.

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Kate McCoy

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Yeah your right If they had done the saucer just a little more ovalish then it would've been more of a Voyager-esque look.....

Kate McCoy

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I think it dose too Yanks..... but a little more ovalish ness to the sauscer would have made it Great... Just need some lensflare


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Quote: /view_profile/ @




YUCK! That is just wrong. I loved the original version the way it was.

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Kate McCoy

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I think Voyger was Sleek just not What we exactly used to..


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Cute pic. Yanks but I don't think it would have been made to look like that.

The JJ-Prise was supposed to be a variation on the original Enterprise from TOS. Voyager is a century later, and he probably would have instead taken that as his model. Not made it look more like the original Enterprise, if you know what I mean.

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W. T. Riker

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Oh, dear god help us if he directs anything else aside from movies. besides, nothing could improve Voyager except putting it back on the air, IMHO.

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As far as that picture of the redone Voyager, the folding nacelles had a purpose. Apparently regular nacelles damaged subspace or something at high warp, so Federation space had a sort of "speed limit" to Warp 5. The folding nacelles somehow conquered this problem, allowing Voyager to travel at high warp even in Federation space.

As for J.J. Abrams, I wouldn't want to change the series, but I'd have him to a Voyager movie in a heartbeat!!! Then again, I'm kinda desperate for a Voyager movie.

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I must say that this design is rather interesting, I don't know whether I like the um - flatness, for lack of a better word - of the ship though. The original Voyager has a different feel to it. It looks stronger? Or maybe is just more familiar! 


And have to agree with you -- I wish a Voyager movie happens. I think that would be a real treat. =)

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