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Trek Convention Questions


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Report this Mar. 02 2012, 10:23 pm

I will be attending my first con in May in Cherry Hill

Decided to go bc for one thing I found someone to go with and when i saw the actors appearing I knew it should make for an entertaining day!!!

I have read a lot on the forums of what to plan for like what to bring so I think i am up to par with that kind of stuff


I bought the preferred Saturday pass bc i felt it was the most economically option and I would be unable to stay all 3 days.

I bought the Stewart autograph ticket and may by the photo op soon bc I doubt he will really be able to pose for a quick photo while signing

I doubt i will buy the other autogrpah tickets till the show.  Does anyone think that is a good or bad idea?

another question is actors signing stuff.  I have an original DS First Contact poster that I would love to have signed.  Is there anything against them doing that?  Also being a poster I would not the actor to personalize it bc after getting a few names with each of them being personalized it would look cluttered and less aesthetically pleasing.  Can you ask them not to personalize it?  I mean with 8x10s i usually try to get them personalized when i meet an actor.

Last question What ever happened to the intergalactic galactic bartender site. I was looking forward to ordering some stuff from there but the site is down. I hope they travel east to this con bc i will definately pick of some stuff

any anwsers would be greatly appreciated!!!!

I am new to this and am looking forward to this



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Report this Mar. 09 2012, 4:58 am

I think your plan is very wise.  Most ST actors will probably be willing to pose for a photo in line.  That will vary from star to star, of course.  But Mr. Stewart is generally not one who is able to because of the lines.  I think the photo op is the best way to go.

His lines are likely going to be among the longest, so getting his autograph ticket out of the way is fine.  You shouldn't have a problem getting tickets for the others at the show.  But, you'll have to wait in a line to get those first.

Your poster should be fine to have signed.  Just FYI: some celebrities will not sign without a personalization in order to reduce the chances of the item being sold for profit.  You can explain the situation and ask not to personalize, but keep in mind that they may refuse. 


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Report this Apr. 06 2012, 2:52 pm

I stay in South Africa, and certainly wouldn't mind going to a Star Trek convention in the USA.

(I'm also into e.g. UFOs and wouldn't mind also going to a UFO convention up there - like at Roswell.) 

I have questions about Star Trek conventions up there in the USA. This is for those, or mainly for those, who have gone to them through the years. Do they still sell a large amount of Star Trek merchandise? Has the amount of Star Trek merchandise decreased through the years?

It would surely be good if there could be many reproductions of Star Trek merchandise from years, even decades, before.  

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Report this Apr. 07 2012, 6:16 pm

Most of the conventions (if not all of them) have a vendors room. You can find tons of stuff there, and not just the new stuff but the older stuff too. The amount of vendors and merchandise varies depending on the convention. For example, when I went to the Las Vegas convention, there were a lot more vendors and merchandise than when I went to the Chicago one.

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Report this Apr. 09 2012, 1:06 pm

And the merchandise at the Los Vegas convention was probably a lot more expensive. :-)


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What I was really asking previously, is if the amount of Star Trek merchandise generally has decreased a lot, or just decreased, through the years, even decades.

If drawing a graph of the amount of Star Trek merchandise generally, from 1966 until now, it would probably increase, peak at the 1980s and 1990s, and then decrease.

There should be reproductions of Star Trek merchandise (which would sell, obviously), from say the 1960s and 1970s.

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Report this Apr. 19 2012, 12:53 pm

Can also have reproductions of that Cochrane statue in 'Enterprise', which Captain Archer has. The reproduction can be half that size. And, reproductions of that model of his 'Phoenix' ship, which was shown in that 'Enterprise' 2nd season episode 'Horizon'. And there're patches being reproductions of those shown in the 2nd season episode 'First Flight'.   

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